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“We were worried that it would be awkward and hard to act naturally with the camera in the background. We needn’t have been. Agata has a knack of making you feel at ease and after a short while we forgot it was a photography session and started having fun. Agata is an incredible photographer. She has an eye for capturing fleeting moments and expressions.” (Ayesha, charitable foundation manager)

"I absolutely would recommend Agata, she made us feel very comfortable and somehow managed to stay in the background letting us do our 'thing' even though we had just met! My favourite thing about the session was taking the photos outdoors – it made us feel like celebrities!" (Anna, art client liaison)


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Documentary family photography Client Testimonial

Why choose documentary family photography?

Exist in the photographs for your children, not only in their memories. 

Capture relationships, interactions and emotions - all that really makes you a family.

See yourself differently - how hard you work as a parent and how utterly loved you are. 

Show your children how loved they were, from the very beginning.

Create family heirlooms - exquisite hand-made albums which will increase in value with time.


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Top five reasons to book a family documentary session

Documentary family photography

If you appreciate meaningful, emotion-filled imagery, but feel ambivalent being photographed, these sessions are for you.

There is no posing or forcing anything to happen. Just you and your loved ones, being together, and me in the background, documenting the day as it unfolds.

It is photographing the spirit of a family and I specialise in capturing it in a beautiful and unique way.

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Documentary family photography - About

Meet the families

Please have a look at these short videos to get a better sense of what you could expect from this kind of session. (Don’t forget to turn the volume up and click full screen!)


Family documentary photography

Family portraits


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